Charting the Course...

Wealth Management

With the seemingly ever-increasing amount of volatility in the marketplace today, we’ve found that many of our clients prefer professional assistance with managing their invested capital. This is one of our core strengths. 

Our clients range from conservative retirees who need a predictable revenue stream to pay for their cost of living, to younger entrepreneurs who are more concerned with maximizing growth for the long term.  We pride ourselves on fitting our investment strategies to our clients’ needs and goals.

Depending on the situation, we provide both active and passive investment strategies.  At Stark Miller you will have direct access to your portfolio decision maker, who provides oversight and strategic vision to your investment strategy.  While other firms tend to promote cookie-cutter solutions that they hope will appeal to the largest mass of potential clients, our smaller size allows us to be much more nimble and targeted in our approach.

We take pride in our client focus, and we’re proud of our analytical investment process.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your financial goals, and to creating an investment plan to help you achieve them. 

Contact Stark Miller at 510-839-4852 to learn more.