Charting the Course...


"Often people feel lost in their efforts to plan their financial lives. Like navigating a vessel without a map, they may never reach their destination. At Stark Miller Financial Benefits Group we have the tools, knowledge and experience to help our clients navigate the rough waters, thus Charting the Course to achieve their life-long financial goals."

-Aaron Kennedy, Partner


Financial Planning Solutions

We work with our clients to help them navigate their retirement planning using these tools:

Ongoing Plan Services

In addition to providing your retirement plan service, there are many other areas of financial planning that we can help you with. Listed below are some of the other services we can provide:

  • Retirement and Financial Planning
  • IRA's - Traditional and ROTH
  • Rollover and Distribution Options
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance – for You and/or Your Family
  • College Savings Plans / Education Funding
  • Non-Retirement Investing
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Assistance with Estate Planning

For more information, please contact Stark Miller Financial Benefits Group at
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